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Back Injury Claims

As an employee you should expect your employer to protect you from back injuries at work, and any other injuries in the work place. Back injury claims are one of the most common claims seen and companies should put steps in place to stop them from occurring. If correct protection or training were not provided then you may be able to make a back injury at work claim for compensation from your employer.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) over a third of claims reported to them where an employee took over 3 days, or more, off work was due to manual handling. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 are designed to protect employees who are involved in manual handling and covers lowering, pulling, pushing as well as the more obvious lifting of objects.

If you have suffered a back injury in last 3 years and it was someone else’ fault then we might be able to help you with you Back Injury claims and help you get your compensation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make A Back Injury At Work Claim?2017-11-09T11:02:43+00:00

If you’ve injured your back at work and want to make a back injury compensation claim it is important that you:

  • Ensure the accident and injury is written in the company accident log book or computer system.
  • See your GP or go to Accident and Emergency if your injuries are more serious. Take photos of your injuries if they’re visible.
  • Ask any colleagues who saw what happened to send you an email detailing what they saw. An employer can not discipline you for claiming or for a colleague being a witness to it.
  • If your company keeps a training log and you think yours has lapsed try to get evidence of this.
  • Even if you have no immediate symptoms you should ensure the accident is documented. Back injuries can sometimes ‘flare up’ at a later stage. We can help assess it if your injury is related to the accident.

Your employer may send you to their own doctor or medical professional known as Occupational Health. Even if they do and they say you’re fit for work you should still visit your own GP if you think you’re going to make a back injury claim against your employer. Some people have reported that their Occupational Health appointment was conducted by a nurse. It’s better to go to your GP even if your employer insists on their own assessment.

The above points will all help to making your back injury at work claim “easier”, but even if you haven’t yet done any of the above points it’s still a good idea to contact us or another personal injury solicitor to get some expert advice. We provide free expert advice on any type of personal injury claim and with no obligation for you to make a claim through our No Win No Fee solicitors.

Can I Make A Back Injury At Work Claim?2017-11-09T11:01:56+00:00

If you’ve injured your back at work through no fault of your own then almost certainly you will be able to make a back injury at work claim.

The types of claim we tend to deal with in regards to back injuries in the workplace include, but are not limited to:

  • Lifting and moving objects.
  • Slips trips or falls.
  • Falling from height.
  • Office or workplace items falling from height and landing on you.

If you’ve got a back injury because of one of these scenarios then you should give us a call and we can give you a free assessment and legal advice. If you were trained in how to lift heavy objects but didn’t follow the advice, or were not following the correct health and safety procedures then we might have to say no to taking on your case, but if your back injury is caused by workplace bad practice then we can proceed from there.


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