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Claim For Accidents In Office

Many people don’t realise how dangerous offices can be, especially when compared to other workplaces such as construction sites and factories. But office accidents are common, and can cause long-lasting injuries with severe impacts on your life.
When you spend every working day in the same office it’s normal to feel safe and comfortable, almost like you do in your own home. This makes an injury at work even more shocking and difficult to cope with.
You may feel like your injury was your own fault, but all employers have a ‘duty of care’ to make sure you and your colleagues are safe at work.
Your employer should follow strict health and safety rules. These rules include providing you with the correct training and equipment to help you avoid injuries such as repetitive strain injury, as well as taking actions to remove hazards which could cause slips, trips and falls.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Types of office accidents2017-11-04T16:31:58+00:00

Although it often seems unlikely you could have an accident in an office, there are a huge number of hazards which can cause you to become injured.

Below are some common causes of accidents in the workplace. If you haven’t suffered from any of these types of injury, then please don’t worry; It’s still likely we can help you.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls in offices are often caused by untidy electrical cables, as well as files and other obstacles being left around the office.

Your employer should keep the floor clear from tripping hazards, should make sure wet floors are marked with a warning sign, and the building you work in is properly maintained for your safety.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

Repetitive strain injury is caused by repetitive movements which cause pain in the muscles, nerves and tendons, and is a common office injury.

To avoid repetitive strain injury, your employer should make sure your workstation is properly set up. This may include providing you with a comfortable chair, a working and adjustable monitor, as well as a proper keyboard and mouse.

Faulty equipment

Employers should make sure all equipment is maintained and safe for use, as faulty electrical equipment such as printers and computers can cause electric shocks.

Claiming against your employer2017-11-04T16:31:25+00:00

We know you may be feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed about making a claim against your employer, especially if you’re also friends with them outside work.

But please don’t worry, your employer won’t pay your compensation personally, so they won’t be left with a bill they can’t afford.

All employers are required to take out ‘employer’s liability insurance’ to cover the costs of any claims made against them, so your compensation will be paid by their insurance company.

Also, it would be illegal for your employer to dismiss you or treat you any differently because you made an office accident claim. If you were to lose your job because you claimed compensation against them, this would be ‘unfair dismissal’, which is against the law.



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