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Injured in a Public Place

We know how sudden and shocking an accident in a public place can be. The last thing you expect is to be injured when walking down the street, or when in a shop or restaurant. We also realise that an injury in a public place can have a serious impact on your everyday life and finances.

We realise it’s easy to blame yourself for an accident in a public place, especially because you may feel embarrassed. But business owners and local authorities have a duty of care to keep you safe, and if they’ve failed to do so then they were responsible and you could make a claim.

If you’ve been injured in a public place, your injuries may have stopped you from being able to carry on with your everyday life, which can be frustrating and difficult to cope with on top of the physical pain of your injury.

You may have received reduced pay, such as Statutory Sick Pay, due to taking time off work. Along with other expenses, such as medical treatment and rehabilitation, the financial pressure can leave you unable to pay your bills or support your family.

Please don’t worry. We can help you take the steps you need to make it right and get the compensation needed to cover the impact of your injury.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Owners of businesses and local authorities have a duty of care2017-11-04T17:57:08+00:00

The owners of public premises are required by law to keep you and other visitors safe. This means they must follow health and safety regulations put in place to keep the chances of accidents happening to a minimum.

This could include cleaning up spillages as quickly as possible and signposting when the floor is wet, keeping walkways clear of obstacles and ensuring the area is lit well enough to avoid accidents.

Likewise, the local authorities or Highways Agency are responsible for making sure public pavements and walkways are well maintained and safe to use. If the pavement has become cracked or there are loose paving slabs, then this can cause trips or falls leading to painful injuries.

If the owner or local authority failed in their duty of care, then you may be able to make a personal injury claim to help you with your recovery and to make sure you’re not left out of pocket because of your injury.

Was your accident someone else’s fault?2017-11-04T17:56:41+00:00

We know it can often be difficult to tell whether an injury in a public place was someone else’s fault. But business owners and local authorities are required by law to keep you safe, and if they’ve neglected their duty of care to you then they’ve put you in danger.

Types of public accidents2017-11-04T17:56:15+00:00

Public accidents can happen almost anywhere, but we’ve listed some common types below.

Please don’t worry if your experience isn’t mentioned here – if your accident happened in the last three years and was somebody else’s fault, then it’s likely we can help you.

  • Supermarket accidents due to spillages or obstacles
  • Pedestrian accidents caused by cracked or poorly maintained pavement
  • Accidents at work because the correct health and safety procedures and risk assessments haven’t been followed
  • Accidents involving children, such as while in school or nursery

If it’s possible for you to do so, we recommend you report your accident to the staff or owner of business so they can log it in the ‘accident book’.

It can also be useful to note down the contact details of anyone who witnessed your accident if you’re able to, as this information can be useful when it comes to making your claim.



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