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 Scarring Injury Claims Service

Scars are a result of the body’s wound repair process after a personal injury. While some scars are temporary and fade away after a short time, others may be permanent and act as constant reminders of the incident.

Whether temporary or permanent, scars can affect people in different ways. They can leave the victim having to deal with deep psychological and emotional trauma long after the pain of the injury has gone. Loss of confidence is another common issue that somebody will often have to deal with particularly if the scarring is visible such as facial scars. In a worst case scenario, scars can also restrict normal movement.

If you have been scarred because of an injury that was caused due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim for compensation through our ‘Scarring Injury Claims’ Service.


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Do I Need A Solicitor To Claim for My Scar Injury?2017-11-08T21:28:22+00:00

Proving that you have sustained a scar due to an injury is not complicated. Scars are often easily visible, and nobody can contest that. However, proving that the original injury was due to somebody else’s wrong-doing or lack of care can prove to be more difficult especially as the defending party is sure to challenge your claim. This is where an experienced accident claims solicitor can be of invaluable help, even if it is not ourselves.

Expert accident claims solicitors should have in-depth knowledge about the different aspects of personal injury law in the UK. They know exactly what you will need to file a successful claim and they know how to put your case across to make it more compelling.

Moreover, you really have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting a solicitor to help file your claim. Most accident claims solicitors will help you collect all of the necessary information and file a litigation claim without asking for any upfront fees.

Scarring Claims – Important Points To Note2017-11-08T21:27:01+00:00

There are two things you will have to prove if you are planning on starting the process of a scarring accident claim. Both of these factors are equally important.

  1. You will have to prove that the accident or injury was caused because of a third party’s negligent actions or lack of action
  2. You have to prove that the scar was a result of that particular incident


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