Sport Accident Claims

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Claim Compensation for a Sport Related Accident

Taking part in any kind of sport carries the risk of injury, whether through your own technique, a genuine accident or because of somebody else’s negligence.

It’s easy to feel that because you chose to take part in the activity then you’ve accepted the risks and don’t deserve compensation, but that’s just not true.

For example, if you were exercising in the gym and a piece of machinery you were using malfunctioned or broke and caused you injury, then your accident was caused because of somebody else’s negligence, and was not something you chose to happen. You may also have been injured while playing sport due to a lack of safety equipment or because of dangerous ground conditions.

If you’re unsure whether you might have a claim for your sporting injury, then please contact us today for free and impartial advice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Injury caused by a contact sport2017-11-04T19:03:52+00:00

You may have suffered an injury because of playing a contact sport. In most cases, it’s unlikely that we’re able to help you make a claim due to the nature of the sport.

However, if you suffered an injury during a contact sport because of an equipment malfunction or because of incorrect safety equipment provided to you, then we may be able to help.

Were you injured as a spectator?2017-11-04T19:03:23+00:00

Spectating a sport should come with very little risk, however occasionally we speak to people who have suffered an injury as a spectator.

Being injured as a spectator can happen because of a variety of reasons. For example:

  • The venue you were in may have been poorly maintained and not fit for the sport or audience
  • The event may have been overcrowded and lacked correct crowd control
  • The venue may have not been lit very well which caused you to fall

Or, quite simply, the correct safety measures were not put in place to keep you safe from harm.

Either way, if you’ve experienced an injury because of somebody else’s negligence within the last three years, we may be able to make you claim compensation for the impact that accident has had on your life.



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