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Claim for a Trip on Pavement

Slips, trips and falls on pavements can cause painful injuries. Many people don’t realise that they can make a compensation claim to get the support they need during their recovery and into the future.

Every highway authority has a duty to maintain roads and footpaths. If a road surface has been poorly maintained and you’ve tripped and injured yourself because of it, then we can help you make it right.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Causes of trips on pavements2017-11-04T18:03:09+00:00

If they’re not properly maintained, pavements can be a hazard – the consequences can sometimes be very serious, especially when there are fast moving vehicles nearby. It’s easy to think a fall is your own fault, but measures should be taken to make sure pavements are safe for use.

Possible causes of trips on pavements might include:

  • Uneven kerbs or paving slabs
  • Damaged pavements caused by vehicles or tree roots
  • Incorrectly laid paving
  • Hazards such as road signs or drain covers
  • Poor maintenance of pavements and footpaths
A highway authority’s responsibilities2017-11-04T18:02:40+00:00

There’s a number of things that a highway authority must do to keep you safe, including:

  • Having a system in place to regularly check roads and footpaths for defects – busier roads and footpaths require more regular inspection than roads which are used less frequently
  • If a defect is found acting within a reasonable time to repair the defects
  • Acting on any complaints received about a road or footpath within a reasonable time
  • Signposting any hazards or dangers



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